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ISMA Victoria Annual General Meeting 2018

Melbourne, Victoria – As the academic semester comes to a close, so does the term for ISMA Australia Victoria Chapter 2017/2018 session.

On the 6th of October 2018, ISMA Victoria held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Melbourne Multicultural Hub. Its main objectives were to recap on the organisation’s activities conducted throughout the past year as well as to welcome new committee members.

It began with the Opening Speech given by the Head of Beliawanis Victoria, Nazeera Jahan Dhahir Hussain on behalf of the State Chairperson, Nik F Haikal who unfortunately could not attend due to work commitments. In her speech, Nazeera pointed out that ISMA Victoria today was a continuation of the hard work and efforts of the committee members who preceded them.

“I am very proud of my fellow brothers and sisters who, till this very day, manifest their commitment and willingness to be with ISMA Victoria, in the spirit of utilising their youth for the betterment of the Ummah”, she expressed.

She further reminded the committee members to always adhere to the Al-Quran and As-Sunnah, especially in the ongoing efforts to develop oneself in championing the Ummah.

Subsequently, the State Secretary, Zulhairi Mamat continued with the report on ISMA Victoria’s activities and events throughout the year 2018.

After the report session, the meeting proceeded with the presentations of each bureau head explaining their job scopes as well as their report on their specific bureau’s activities.

With the conclusion of the bureau report session, the Appreciation Ceremony began, in which certificates were given out to the past State Committee members, acknowledging their commitment and contribution to ISMA Victoria.

The most anticipated event was when State Human Development Advisor, Amiruddin Aziz proceeded to disband the old committee and to make way for the appointment of the new committee of ISMA Victoria 2018/2019, lead by Azrul Azzim Mad Kamaru Al-Amin as the new State Chairperson.
Azrul Azzim gave an impassioned speech about why he chose to be in ISMA Australia and inspired the new committee members to work hard for the new term.

The meeting concluded with a photography session as well as lunch prepared by the previous Head of Welfare and Volunteerism, Zuhaili Khairul Anwar.

Overall, it was a successful meeting with a bittersweet moment for the committee as they bade farewell to a few committee members who will be returning to Malaysia by the end of the year. ISMA Australia would like to congratulate the previous committee’s efforts and cooperation as well as to wish the new committee the best of luck in steering ISMA Victoria to greater heights in the near future.

Muhammad Syafiq Adnan
Head of Communications and Multimedia
ISMA Australia Victoria Chapter

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