ISMA SA kicks off the semester by training the leaders

As the winter break transitions into a new semester, the participants continues in self-betterment.

Dr. Faiz Yaman sharing his thoughts on approaches to teaching.

ADELAIDE, 21 JULY 2018 – ISMA SA has organized a leadership seminar entitled “Train the Trainer”, hosted by the Vice President of ISMA Australia, Dr. Faiz bin Yaman. The program was an initiative by Human Development Unit to educate the participants on becoming future leaders as well as self-improvement. The program lasted for two days with a total of 22 people participating in the event.

Throughout the seminar, Dr. Yaman has shared with the participants the various skills needed in becoming good leaders as well as on how to be effective when operating in an organization. Paradigm shifts, leadership traits and effective communication are some of the many concepts covered in the programme.

The seminar proved to be an engaging one as the participants were eager to share their thoughts and ideas on the topics being discussed with the help of Dr Yaman in moderating the discussion. The participants did not only benefit from Dr. Yaman but they also benefitted from the various inputs from each other.

The seminar ended with an anonymous feedback session amongst each other. Dr. Yaman stated this act is an effective method of self-improvement as the people around you are reflections of yourself.

With the conclusion of the seminar, ISMA Australia hopes that the i-Lead programme was beneficial to those who are aiming to better themselves and that the participants would be able to practice what they have learnt throughout the program in becoming the leaders of the ummah.


Bureau of Communication, Information and Multimedia

ISMA South Australia

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