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YOU Camp 2018: Empowering the Youth of the Ummah

The cold and windy weather in Kangaroobie Camp, Princetown, Victoria did not deter 105 participants from across Australia to come down and join Youth of Ummah Camp or YOU Camp for short, hosted by ISMA Australia. Now in its 4th edition, YOU Camp’s main goal is to ‘Empower the Youth of Ummah’, by means of opening the eyes of today’s youth towards Islam and the challenges faced by the Muslim community today.

The participants were placed into 2 different groups, the first being more of an introduction on conflicting ideologies and how best to empower young Muslims while the second group was about the role of youth in communicating Islam as well as being leaders in the community.

Group A was helmed by Brother Izzat Bin Roslan, a graduate from the University of Adelaide, while Group B was led by Dr Faiz Bin Yaman, a General Practitioner (GP) from Queensland, Australia. Both speakers have extensive experience in delivering the subject at hand.

One first-year student had this to say about the camp;

“Alongside making new friends, I was able to gain insight into the troublesome ideologies that threaten Islamic creed and faith, such as liberalism and secularism,’ said Irfan Hashim, one of the participants from Group A.

All participants were actively engaged in the activities, be it in the seminars and presentations made indoors as well as the outdoor games and team-building exercises that were conducted.

In this challenging time for Muslims, it is refreshing to see youthful and energetic participants who are willing to come out of their comfort zones and learn more about Islam and the Ummah. Truthfully, the Ummah needs the youth to carry on the task of spreading dakwah, not just because they have the strength to do so, but also to ensure that Islam is continuously spread from generation to generation, and that the legacy left behind by the Prophet Muhammad pbuh is not forgotten until the Day of Judgement.

Muhammad Syafiq Adnan
Head of Communications and Multimedia Bureau
ISMA Australia Victoria Chapter

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